What makes a strategic pricing management group a virtuoso pricing team? Is it their special talents or their egos?


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In almost all areas of achievements, may it be the arts, business, athletics, politics, science, you’ll discover teams that produce creative and excellent results. The same is true for pricing teams; the virtuoso pricing team is fundamentally different from the ordinary groups that most organisations form to pursue more complex pricing outcomes. 


Virtuoso pricing teams constitute the first-class experts in their specific fields and are specially summoned for challenging pricing projects.



Unlike traditional strategic pricing groups that consist normally of whoever’s available, virtuoso pricing teams comprise of exceptionally talented performers who are specially chosen to play specific, major roles. These teams are passionate and extraordinary. They perform best when they are forced together in confined spaces under strict deadlines. They believe that their customers are as clever and knowledgeable as they are, so they don’t accommodate the ordinary ones. The head of virtuoso pricing teams places a premium on a great partnership. Also, they’re not scared to motivate creative confrontation to get it.

Strategic pricing management group


Having a virtuoso strategic pricing management group


Visualise these bold plots: Your business will set foot in a totally new market. Or restructure to employ a new IT program or channel. Or avoid a customer relations crisis brought on by poor price rise implementation. To handle such scenarios, you need a virtuoso pricing team — groups of top geniuses in their fields.


However, you’re concerned that letting them work together will lead to a lethal crash. Because these experts are famous for being unpredictable and self-centred. That’s why you’ll choose to settle for a common project team instead — which is a big mistake.



Regular teams may be pleasant but they provide unsatisfactory results. Therefore, you should build your virtuoso strategic pricing management group and lead it with implausible strategies.


For instance, recognise individual egos by creating opportunities for solo performances instead of highlighting collectively. Create a group ego by motivating a determined focus on the objective. Then encourage sincere, direct communication that doesn’t spare feelings. As a result, every member will formulate their most brilliant ideas.


Use these principles for leading a virtuoso strategic pricing management group: 


1. Convene the experts. Employ people with the finest skills, though they don’t have much experience with the problem at hand.


2. Form the group ego. As your group’s project develops, help experts break through their self-centredness and transform into a strong, integrated team with a shared identity.

3. Create work like a contact sport. Use direct dialogue in assigned spaces to encourage sincere conversations.


4. Recognise the customer’s intellect. Believe that your team’s customers want more and not less. With this higher impression, you’ll stimulate them to provide coherent solutions.



Start with great people if you want great performances of any kind


Thinking is more significant than action in virtuoso teams. Each member is employed for his skills and enthusiasm to plunge into huge challenges. Virtuoso pricing team leaders force each member to the limit to reach his or her potential within the overall context of the team goal instead of organising several individuals and averaging their talents down to a mean.


In addition, virtuoso team members are not reserved. They normally want to take on a high-risk journey so it takes them away from their beaten paths. They love intimidating challenges, and they don’t mind the risk of exposure and harm it will to their career if their projects don’t succeed. The risk increases pressure on the team to finish their projects. Correspondingly, each member gives their best effort to guarantee a thorough transformation occurs.


However, despite these potentials of virtuoso teams, most companies intentionally avoid them because of the high risks involved. For instance, it’s difficult to keep virtuoso teams together when they already achieve their goals. Another thing is, most companies consider them to be too egotistic, erratic, and tough to work with. And forcing them to work together on a win-or-lose project might just end in a fistfight. Just thinking of handling such a group seems inconceivable. That’s why most companies opt to hire the average, organising project teams that get along well. However, the result is inferiority.


Nevertheless, if you want an excellent achievement of any kind, start with great people.





When virtuoso pricing teams start their work, they work individually and not in group. However, as the project advances, each member utilise themselves to the product of the group and focusing on the main objective. In other words, they transform into a powerful team with one goal.


Build your virtuoso strategic pricing management group and lead it with implausible strategies. For example, recognizing individual egos by creating opportunities for individual performances instead of in groups.


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In a virtuoso strategic management group, each team member should understand that if the team fails, so will they. This will keep any member of the virtuoso team from possessing an established sense of idea ownership.


When virtuoso strategic pricing management group are in action, intense conversation becomes the major driver of performance and not the work itself. The immediate physical closeness of team members guarantees that the right messages reach the right people quicklyly. As a result, virtuoso pricing teams work at a pace that is many times the speed of a normal pricing strategy advisor.


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