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Find Out What Skillsets Your Pricing Team Requires In This Capability Framework

A Capability Framework For Your Pricing Team To Drive Margin And Profit

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Close Any Pricing Team Skills Gaps With A Rationale Framework

  • A Role Centric Analysis Of Pricing Team Tasks
  • Pinpoint Skills Gaps
  • Build A Pathway To Filling Capability Gaps And Understanding Value
  • Ensure Your Team Is Resourced And Not Doing "Busy Work" - But Focusing On Core Opportunities

Understand The Competencies And Key Skillsets Required By Your Team - And Build An Achievable Margin Expansion Programme

A business never knows what type of crisis will hit next - and many can not be planned for. Having a keen pricing focus and understanding of your business and product value will put you in a good position when a crisis hits.

What’s the marketing plan for beauty products since the pandemic hit? Are face makeup products and luxury perfumes really best sellers now that people don’t really go out very much at all? Are there any new consumption patterns forging new pricing strategies? And, what are leading beauty businesses doing differently to adjust their businesses to an unprecedented time in history?

Since the beginning of the year, many businesses and industries worldwide have had to reshape their business strategy to the new normal. Not only that but also to changes in consumer behaviour. Now, more than ever, beauty firms (large and small) are in a race
to improve e-commerce platforms and online pricing.

The current economic crisis, then, has created some pain and disruption for sure. But, there are some notable examples in the beauty industries (leading and startups) of companies using this disruption as a source of inspiration to accelerate digital transformation projects.

Find Out How Hiring The Best Talent Can Boost Function Performance By 15%

Can A Pricing Focus Really Help Businesses Weather A Crisis?

Taylor Wells specialises in recruitment, assessment, onboarding and training for pricing roles in Australia and international.

We recruit pricing analysts, pricing managers – and senior pricing leaders for ASX listed and Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller businesses.

Our real world experience is clear that a pricing focus really can help businesses. If a business has a clear pricing focus with skilled pricing professionals – evidence shows those businesses tend on average to be statistically more profitable and sustainable.

Whilst pricing focus helps – it is not a silver bullet – and can not solve all business problems. However, having a sensible pricing approach will ensure your business is as well set up as possible for future crisis.

What Do You Mean By Assessments Of Pricing Analyst Skills?

We are aware that pricing can be a tricky profession to pigeon hole. A good pricing analyst or pricing manager must have excellent numeric, financial as well as commercial skillsets. Stakeholder manager is also vital – as price, and how to charge for services is of vital interest to all business areas – from marketing and sales to finance and operations.

Our testing and assessment methodology is purely focused on pricing professionals and ensures you will have a deep understanding of a candidates skillsets, strengths and also weaknesses prior to offer stage.