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Article- Taylor Wells Newsletter

Supporting your teams through a pricing transformation

January 2017- Businesses learn how to build value organisations


Build the perfect pricing team

Article- Taylor Wells Newsletter

Is technology creating gaps in team capability? 

Article- Taylor Wells Newsletter

Does Game Theory work for pricing leaders? 

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How to break away from recruitment models that are damaging your business

Joanna Wells, Director of Taylor Wells

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Specialist pricing recruitment, team composition & talent evaluation can help you uncover the factors that can lead to performance failure. Find out how to achieve the ideal alignment between culture & strategy to ensure team actions are sustainable & repeatable. Identify successful patterns of behaviour that can be easily replicated.

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Why are some high performers better than others? Why do we spend so much on talent, but see so little benefit? Why is the traditional way of recruiting exposing businesses to risk and leading to performance failure. To find out the answers and to learn about innovative pricing recruitment activities, interested people should fill out the short form below:

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