Customer value pricing: Profits soar with adaptive pricing team

Strategic pricing is founded on a deep understanding of your business challenges and your customers’ wants, needs and financial constraints and objectives. Strong financial results are founded on congruence between an organisation’s business model and pricing capability. In a race to maintain profitability, learn how progressive businesses, like Medtronic, have addressed many of their business model and pricing challenges. Find out what it takes to reinvent how you do business and price to maximise revenue, margin and profit in an era of rising pressure and unchartered territory.

Commercial strategy: Positioning Your Pricing Career & Team For Success

A number of my readers have asked me where a pricing function should be positioned for maximum results and recognition. Organisational positioning is a really good and important area for pricing teams and a key element to building a strong pricing capability (and a high profile career in pricing). In this article, I will address the topic of organisational structure and positioning for pricing teams to help you build a formidable pricing team and career.

Sales management pricing: Silos & territorial teams create issues

It is vital to set up a pricing function / commercial strategy department correctly and to adequately resource it so that both sales and marketing can work in step with it. However, to everyone’s’ frustration, silos and territorial teams form. Silos in a company can drive leaders and teams crazy. You can see all the untapped potential being thrown away as colleagues lose energy becoming competitors. This article is a short introduction to a topic we will explore in detail in the months to follow.

Pricing recruiters: How to Build a Perfect Pricing Team

Taylor Wells: How to Build a Perfect Pricing Team. Recently, a potential customer asked me an interesting question: “Is it really that important to engage the organisation with pricing before I build my pricing team or couldn’t I just get people in there and work it out from there?

This article discusses how to build the perfect pricing team for maximum results. We will also discuss how to build a perfect pricing team if you have limited budget, organisational support and strategy in our next article. Neither approach is right or wrong, but good planning and engaged teams will always be more successful at driving results than a team without support, backing or strategic direction.