Pricing recruiters: How to Build a Perfect Pricing Team

Taylor Wells: How to Build a Perfect Pricing Team. Recently, a potential customer asked me an interesting question: “Is it really that important to engage the organisation with pricing before I build my pricing team or couldn’t I just get people in there and work it out from there?

This article discusses how to build the perfect pricing team for maximum results. We will also discuss how to build a perfect pricing team if you have limited budget, organisational support and strategy in our next article. Neither approach is right or wrong, but good planning and engaged teams will always be more successful at driving results than a team without support, backing or strategic direction.

Pricing tiers: Should we rent a DVD tonight dear or go to movie theatre?

Following from the blog on the MayPac superfight I thought I would like to go into some detail on the pricing and value propositions of attending a cinema, renting DVDs versus watching a movie on Netflix, downloading on itunes or god forbid- getting it for free from a torrents site! Of course you could wait a while and see it on subscription TV like Foxtel or for the truly patient check it out on free to air TV a couple of years later.