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Find Out What Is A Broken Recruitment Model That You Should Avoid

A Good Recruitment Model Is Key To Acquiring Excellent Talent To Propel Your Company Forwards

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A Broken and Flawed Recruitment Model Results In A Complete Work Inefficiency

  • Poor job descriptions produce poor job advertisements and postings
  • Your offer does not entice the right talent
  • Bad hires drive up recruitment costs and compromise efficiency
Infographic Preview
broken recruitment model

Learn About The Bad Recruitment Model That Is Ruining Your Productivity

Is your new hire not working out as you have hoped? Did they not perform as they stated in the interview? Let's face it: a broken recruitment model may cause you to make the wrong hiring decision. In fact, managers reported that 46% of the people they hired failed in their new roles after 18 months, while only 19% succeeded.


We created this infographic to help you understand a broken recruitment model. Which parts of your hiring process are not doing you any good? Learn more about the mistakes you should avoid to hiring top talent for your team.

Find Out How Hiring The Best Talent Can Boost Function Performance By 15%