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Find Out What Is The Value Of A Competency Model

Realising The Value Of A Competency Model Lead To Better Business Strategies

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Poor Competency Models Derail Business Operations

  • Outdated or poorly structured competency models limit the ability of employees to reach their full potential
  • This results in inefficient practices that decrease productivity and profitability
  • Ineffective competency models can prevent businesses from adapting quickly to changes in their environment
  • Bad hires drive up recruitment costs and compromise efficiency
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Learn About The Value Of A Competency Model In Improving Job Performance

A business competency model is a set of abilities, knowledge and behaviours that can identify specific areas for improvement and development within organisations. The model typically consists of core competencies that are applicable across the organisation. These include  strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as specific job-related competencies.

By focusing on these areas, the competency model acts as a guide to help organisations better assess and develop their staff. Therefore, it ensures that they are best able to support the overall goals of the organisation.

However, some businesses fail to create effective competency models. They lack the understanding of what competencies they need within a given job role or industry. Without this knowledge, organizations can miss out on opportunities to optimise their workforce, resulting in lower productivity and financial losses.

To avoid these issues, it is essential for businesses to have a deep understanding of competencies related to their industry. We created this infographic for you to realise the value of competency models. Read on to start working on yours!

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