Rethinking recruitment 

 next generation recruitment strategies / talent selection tools


Talent Management

Pricing recruitment

Pricing Training 

  • Role development

    Identify your pricing situation and commercial challenges to scope out the new role, and to establish buy-in for the ‘new hire’ and chosen course of action. 

  • Team design

    Identify key skills, competencies & characteristics to be successful in the role

  • Organisational design

    Create structures that empower people to make and participate in decisions and facilitate communication across the company

  • Executive search

    Rapidly identify high calibre candidates from our extensive professional network and minimise risk of losing highly talented executives to other companies

  • People Analytics

    Sophisicated metrics, algorithms & real time analytics to identify only the best applicants & validated online questions to measure individual pricing competency and potential

  • Fact based selection decisions

    Understand individual pricing capability & teamwork skills and gain confidence that you are investing resources, time and opportunity behind the right candidate

  • Customised coaching

    Build a customised team development plan and training program for all new starters. Accelerate productivity in the first 100 days. 

  • Teamworking

    Retain high performing executives by recognising and cultivating innovation, collaboration and teamworking. Build a culture of accountability and competence. 

  • Pricing strategy advisory

    Prepare new and existing frontline leaders with an innovative approach to value and pricing that combines consulting content with practical application.   

Featured Case Study

House hold name: O’Brien Glass is Australia’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement company and serves over 300,000 customers each year. The CEO enhanced the company’s engagement, assessment and acquisition of specialist pricing talent using Taylor Wells’ next generation recruitment strategies, talent selection tools and targeted coaching program. 


O’Brien Glass utilised Taylor Wells services to find their perfect pricing manager and captured valuable revenue and margin opportunities in the first 6 months of hiring their new pricing manager. The executive we hired, has since been promoted and is crucial to pricing, marketing & customer services operations across all O’Brien divisions. 

O’Brien accessed our candidate dashboard to make smarter selection and hiring decisions; screening applicants and candidates beyond the CV, linkedin profile and standard interview.

The Taylor Wells recruitment program immediately focused on O’Brien’s real-time business challenges and individual company needs.

O’Brien leveraged our extensive professional network – including our professional connections, our partners networks and linkedin – and utilised our headhunting service to find qualified applicants.

All applications were filtered using our online assessment platform, which includes many commercial assessment tools: i.e., pre-employment commercial tests, case studies, scenario exercises, competency based interviews and presentations topics.

There were 150 candidate applications to score and analyse for this role. We provided O’Brien valuable data and reports and identified 5 top candidates for O’Brien’s final hiring process – i.e., final interview and psychometric testing.

O’Brien was looking for a very specific skills set, and cultural fit was a very important factor in the decision making process.

O’Brien needed their pricing manager to meet customer needs and capitalise on immediate revenue opportunities in their Automotive and Home Division without delay.

“It was a high level service, delivering the right executive for a complex role. This executive has delivered great results for us and continues to be an integral part of the organisation’s success.”

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