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Find Out How To Structure Your Pricing Team To Drive More Revenue, Margin & Influence In The Business.

Set Up And Integrate A Pricing Team - To Deliver Real Results And Boost Your Margins

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Setting Up Your Pricing Team For Success Goes Beyond Recruitment 

  • Recruiting Pricing Talent Is Vital As A First Step
  • Assessing Core Competencies As Well As Personality Traits
  • Building A Real Platform For Success And Profitable Growth Means The Right Positioning, Resourcing And Training
  • Giving All Teams A Structured Change Management Plan To Keep Them Engaged & Committed To Your Pricing Roadmap
  • Many Firms See Pricing Transformations Fail - As Pricing Teams Report To Wrong Area - Or Lack Support

Setting Up Your Pricing Team For Success - Does Not Stop With Hiring

  • Tinkering with ‘lines and boxes’ in an organisational chart to fit a pricing team into existing and often broken models.
  • Shoving high performing pricing managers into a sales team because there's no where else to put them.
  • Copying old job ads for new roles and/or hiring pricing talent based on their accountancy experience ... a broken and flawed model to structure a pricing team.

Your business culture, strategy and pricing system is unique. You want a customised and structured change management programme to integrate your pricing team successfully within the business.

The Taylor Wells model focuses on building capability from within and giving all teams the right tools, resources and plans to achieve shared outcomes without disrupting BAU operations.


Find Out How Hiring The Best Talent Can Boost Function Performance By 15%

Yes, we help you hire and recruit all pricing roles. Our focus and specialism is value based pricing and advanced pricing. We are not cost accountants!! If you want this service, we are not your people. But feel free to reach out and we’ll point you in the right direction. We know lots of great people and firms!

Download this guide to find out all the best-in-class practices and tips to integrating a new pricing teams within your business.

Pricing is a multi skill area – and the best teams work fluently with other functions – from marketing and sales to finance. It is vital that all departments are working together.

Find out how to cut out all the pain of change, and get the results you want.


What Should Be Considered When Setting Up A Pricing Team??

We are aware that pricing can be a tricky profession to pigeon hole. A good pricing analyst or pricing manager must have excellent numeric, financial as well as commercial skillsets. Stakeholder manager is also vital – as price, and how to charge for services is of vital interest to all business areas – from marketing and sales to finance and operations.

When you set up a pricing function – it is vital to consider reporting lines, who is championing the project and whether pricing managers have been resourced with analysis capability. The majority of pricing transformations fail – learn how to avoid the pitfalls.

Even high performing pricing managers need support when they start a new position. We can support your new pricing team hires  and offer customised coaching and training to accelerate results and buy-in into the new function. This extra support has been shown to yield between 2-9 per cent additional margin in the first 6-12 months.

You can see more on pricing capability building here.