Scoping The Role

Before you start looking for the ideal commercial director, pricing manager or revenue management expert - you need to scope the role and produce a job spec. Many processes fail before they truly begin with poorly designed job descriptions, reporting lines or roles positioning. 

Accessing The Best Candidates

Pricing leaders are in high demand globally. As a pioneer in the pricing, recruitment and talent measurement industries, Taylor Wells highly recommends that business tap into carefully curated talent networks to source high calibre revenue, pricing and commercial management executives in Australia and internationally. Don't assume all leaders have high levels of functional expertise and leadership capability.

Pricing Expertise

Taylor Wells is an organisation that is solely dedicated to building high performing revenue and pricing teams.  As our specialisation focuses on evaluating pricing talent, we recommend that you match the right skill sets and candidates to your business needs. There is often an advocacy for pricing required inside your organisation throughout the process. Take care to select executives that can help that process.

Measure For Success

After several years developing the Taylor Wells TeamBuilder360 system, we see more businesses testing and appraising team and candidate skills sets across a ranges of vital areas to gain confidence in their hiring decision. Use domain specific testing methodology designed for pricing and revenue management roles to ensure you are measuring the right competencies and skills. Remember: statistically proven methodology with large sample sizes and relevant norm groups yield better results and better pricing talent than generalist testings with limited statistical validity.

Build Your Team

Pricing roles and pricing optimisation processes do not occur in isolation. Team work and team skills are vital throughout pricing teams - from analyst to Director level. Welcome new staff with customised and relevant on-boarding and mentor programmes. Accelerate revenue and margin growth by providing new staff with customised development plans to build individual and team requirements in the first 100 days.

Appraise Current Employees

From our own unique research and experience, we see that many companies have excellent quality employees undiscovered in their ranks. Employees with strong skill sets and ambition will inevitably look outside the company for opportunities if dissatisfied. It can often be much better to promote existing personnel for pricing roles if possible. Use domain specific testing methodology to identify internal talent quickly while facilitating a fair and unbiased approach to your teambuilding process.

Scoping the role
Accessing The Best Candidates
Pricing Expertise
Measure For Success
Build Your Team
Appraise Current Employees

Talent insights 

Restructure or reconfigure?  


Organising teams for what's next...

What pricing team skills & capabilities will keep your business ahead?

Reorganise with precision 

Prioritise the right skills & capabilities

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Teamworking & leadership
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Leadership insights 

Hire truly remarkable people


"The team that puts the best people on the field & gets them playing together wins. It's that simple" - Jack & Suzy Welch

"I noticed that the dynamic range between what an average person could accomplish and what the best person could accomplish was 50 to 100 to 1" - Steve Jobs