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Find Out What Is Price Governance Model

A Good Price Governance Model Ensures Pricing Excellence In Your Organisation

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A Broken and Flawed Price Governance Model Results In Profit Losses

  • Pricing portfolio management is inefficient
  • Leaders don't struggle to control pricing strategies in the business.
  • Failure to develop a framework to manage all forecasting, supply, and demand.
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Learn About The Pillars Of Best-In-Class Price Governance Model

In most cases, critical product-level brand strategies or launch strategies are inadequate for guaranteeing a product's long-term success. The truth is that best-in-class organisations are distinguished by their internal pricing governance.
Understanding what a good model is, however, is frequently where pricing policy development and execution fail. Especially in businesses where there is little agreement and no management alignment on the best strategy.


One of the foundations of pricing excellence is pricing governance.


Your governance model must include all key aspects of a fair pricing policy, such as roles and responsibilities, decision-making authority, price-setting processes, data IT processes, workflows, implementation, and discount sign-off procedures, among other things.


Price governance is what really brings your pricing policy to life. As you might expect, price governance is a complex system with many moving parts. It entails management, the pricing team, and key stakeholders reaching an agreement on a fair pricing policy.


We created this infographic to help you understand what makes an effective model. Which parts of your development process are not doing you any good? Learn more about the mistakes you should avoid to effectively plan your next pricing breakthrough.

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