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Find Out How To Build Hiring Capability

Source, Assess, Recruit And Onboard Leading Pricing Professionals And Build Capability Through The Process

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The Hiring Process Can Build Rapport And Understanding Of Capability

  • Recruiting Pricing Analysts Requires Insights Into Candidate Capability
  • Assessing Core Competencies As Well As Personality Traits
  • Pricing Analyst Skill Sets Include Numeric, Financial Reasoning But Also Marketing And Understanding Value
  • Taylor Wells Model Ensures You Have Full Confidence In Pricing Analyst Skillsets And Any Skills Gaps

Avoid Bad Pricing Hire And Improve Pricing Skills And Understanding Through The Process

Pricing is an unusual job role - and can be very difficult to hire for - whether this is your first pricing specific role - or a new pricing analyst to join a growing team. Pricing sits somewhere between sales, marketing, finance and often operations. The best candidates have excellent financial and numeric analysis skills - but also a real focus on value, customer drivers and commerciality.

In many instances - HR departments have not hired pricing professionals before - or may be seeking some form of assurance in making their first pricing hire. The Taylor Wells model focuses specifically on pricing professionals. Our testing and assessment process is statistically valid and will pinpoint exactly how good a potential pricing hire is - or is not.

We wrote this guide to help you better understand recruiting the best pricing analysts. Now, with this information, you can make an informed, intelligent decision. Picking a strong pricing analyst - will deliver real profit uplift to your business.

Find Out How Hiring The Best Talent Can Boost Function Performance By 15%

How Can You Build Value Through The Hiring Process?

A common goal in pre-hire assessment processes for pricing and commercial roles is creating transparency for candidates. Specifically, the aim is to provide candidates with visibility into the work activities and expectations for the role. This is often done through various methods like interviews, job descriptions, and company marketing materials or videos that provide insight into
the culture and work environment. However, these methods are more descriptive in nature and often fail to truly offer candidates an experience or behavioral understanding of what a new or more complex job in pricing is really like. Not only do organisations want to gain visibility into the potential of a candidate, but it’s also vital for the candidate to gain insight into the job requirements and business culture so they can ‘opt-in’ to continue in the hiring process based on a more holistic understanding of the role, strategy, and culture.

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What Do You Mean By Assessments Of Pricing Analyst Skills?

We are aware that pricing can be a tricky profession to pigeon hole. A good pricing analyst or pricing manager must have excellent numeric, financial as well as commercial skillsets. Stakeholder manager is also vital – as price, and how to charge for services is of vital interest to all business areas – from marketing and sales to finance and operations.

Our testing and assessment methodology is purely focused on pricing professionals and ensures you will have a deep understanding of a candidates skillsets, strengths and also weaknesses prior to offer stage.