“Unlearning is often a lot harder than learning – it’s best to get it right early, before the ‘bad habit’ gets a competitive advantage.”


— Norman Doidge, MD —

Author of ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’


How to implement a pricing team without disrupting or unsettling the sales team?
How to align business strategy, teams and culture in any situation?
How to find the right skills, traits and “fit” for the business?
How to utilise motives, values and preferences to maximise team engagement?
How to boost revenue and grow profitability with an internal pricing capability?

For the several years, Taylor Wells has studied talent and performance in the field of pricing and commercial management to address and answer these very questions.

Our experience and research shows that building a pricing team does not have to be onerous, disruptive or unsettling for the sales and marketing teams.

How you set up and recruit specialist pricing teams is a key determinant of how fast you can accelerate earnings growth. With the right pricing team strategy and implementation, incremental earnings gains can begin to occur in less than 12 weeks.

After 6-12 months, the team is often able to find additional earnings gains as they identify more complex and previously unrealised revenue and margin opportunities.


Joanna Wells

“My passion is enabling and supporting leaders build a high performance culture, consistently and in any situation.The new age of value pricing is deeply embedded within the entire organisation. Functional pricing teams and a high performance culture are the driving force behind successful business strategy. We challenge conventional thinking on talent and performance to reveal the critical impact of recruitment on an individual and their role, team and organisation.”
Joanna Wells Pricing Recruitment Sydney
BA/ MA Psychology
University of Cambridge

Joanna is the author of TeamBuilder360 and a director of Taylor Wells B2B pricing advisory firm, based in Sydney. She is a business psychologist with several years experience practicing B2B pricing across most industry verticals in Australia. Her specialist area is identification and development of high performance.

She is committed and dedicated to enhancing the search, evaluation and recruitment process in the specialised field of pricing, commercial and value management.

She has profiled over 300 pricing professionals and business executives in Australia and globally and is regularly called on to share insights and expertise with senior executives and multi-national corporations.

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Taylor Wells pricing advisory firm

Taylor Wells pricing advisory firm has developed a search, evaluation and recruitment process in the field of pricing, commercial and analytics.  Our business was started after identifying weaknesses in the traditional agency recruitment model.  Our purpose is to support management and our HR partners to eliminate the risk of a bad hire. Our workshops and diagnostics ensure pricing or commercial teams are deeply engaged with the sales and marketing teams to achieve greater levels of margin and earnings growth.  We have developed our own digital platform to identify and evaluate talent and we partner with subject matter experts to help us operate efficiently.

We have an extensive pre-qualified candidate base and connections with global talent centres such as the Oxbridge Alumni, Top Business Schools, and strong industry and professional partnership networks. We regularly engage with thousands of executives from around the world with content rich media, social media and blogs. We have developed an online community to foster collaboration and peer to peer networking. We hold regular meetings, seminars and breakfast mornings with business leaders, partners and pricing and commercial executives to provide insights on how to build effective pricing and commercial teams in Fortune 500, ASX listed and Privately Owned Businesses Across Australia. 

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