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Find Out About Organisation Design And How Leaders Can Prepare For Pricing Initiatives

Set Up Your Pricing Transformation For Success From Day 1 - Organisational Design

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Preparing Your Teams And Business Is Vital Prior To A Pricing Transformation

  • Pricing Often Sits Between Functions - Positioning Is Key
  • Ensuring Project Champions Drive Project
  • Pricing Teams Need To Build Understanding With Multiple Functions Including Marketing And Understanding Value
  • Many Projects Fail Due To Lack Of Buy In Or Pricing Leaders Not Seen As Senior Enough In An Organisation

Avoid Common Pricing Project Mistakes  - Many Projects Fail Before The Get Going

Pricing is an unusual job role - and many pricing projects fail due to a lack of clarity on roles and responsibilities. Pricing sits somewhere between sales, marketing, finance and often operations. The best candidates have excellent financial and numeric analysis skills - but also a real focus on value, customer drivers and commerciality. This means that pricing professionals need buy in from various stakeholders in a business to achieve success.

In many instances - HR departments have not hired pricing professionals before - or have not empowered a pricing team to actually drive change. The Taylor Wells model focuses specifically on pricing professionals. Our testing and assessment process is statistically valid and will pinpoint exactly how good a potential pricing hire is - or is not. We work with companies to ensure their pricing team is set up in an optimal manner through organisational design.

We wrote this guide to help you better understand how to approach organisational design for a pricing transformation. Now, with this information, you can make an informed, intelligent decision. Set up your pricing transformation to really succeed - which will deliver real profit uplift to your business.

Find Out How Hiring The Best Talent Can Boost Function Performance By 15%

Do All Companies Need To Consider Organisational Design Prior To A Pricing Project?

Taylor Wells has seen from experience that many projects fail simply due to how the team and function is set up.

Every organisation is in a different phase of pricing maturity – especially now as businesses rebuild post-COVID. Some are in survival mode, freeing up cash flow by cutting costs and optimising prices; some are planning to reshape their entire portfolio to align to new customer needs. And others have disruption on their minds, creating new revenue pricing models, architecture and price setting processes to capitalise on a new operating model. Regardless of where a business is though, every company will have to make substantial steps to improve pricing in order to manage risk and return to healthy levels of performance.

Business processes, organisation design, talent management, culture, and so much more will have to adapt and change in order to accelerate the ROI from pricing post-COVID.

What Are Common Organisational Design Flaws That The PDF Covers?

In the free pdf document we cover lots of issues regarding organisational design for pricing. Some of the main topics include:

– Static structures

– Hierarchical structures

– Role ambiguity

– Traditional mindset

– Slow execution