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Find Out How To Improve Your Product Pricing Amid Economic Downturn

Integrating The Equipment-as-a-Service Model Into Your Pricing System Drives Additional Price Premiums

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EaaS Model Offers Businesses Long-term Solutions

  • Positive impact on how to improve product pricing
  • It creates meaningful and  interactive  relationships  with customers
  • EaaS enables OEM equipment design upgrades and predictive maintenance enhancements, resulting in higher profit
  • Manufacturers benefit from lower capital outlays, higher data accuracy, and lower operating cost

Learn How To Improve Your Product Pricing With The EaaS Model

Leading Australian companies are on the verge of increasing revenue and margins through a new business and pricing model known as the equipment-as-a-Service model. 

The right approach to aligning an EaaS pricing model with your operations is to have a dedicated pricing team within the company. Because EaaS pricing can be more difficult to implement than other methods, you really need depth and breadth of pricing expertise.

Don't be dismayed. It will pay off once you understand how to improve your product pricing with EaaS. Hilti, for instance, increased its sales by 26% even during a financial crisis. Its operating profit increased by 12% as well.

We created this guide to help you gain a better understanding of the transformative EaaS pricing model. Take the initiative. Learn how to make use of the EaaS model to drive profitable sales growth.

Find Out How Hiring The Best Talent Can Boost Function Performance By 15%

How Does EaaS Bring In Value Companies And Its Customers?

Firms such as Hilti, Michelin, and Rolls-Royce generated profitable sales growth in more than one economic downturn by incorporating the EaaS model into their pricing systems.

Rolls-Royce popularised EaaS in 1997. It allowed their airline customers to pay for their engines based on the number of flight hours rather than the full cost of ownership. This resulted in improved customer relationships.

During the 2008 GFC, for example, Hilti experienced 26% sales growth and 12% incremental EBIT growth while their competitors were either closing down or slashing prices to stay in the game.

Can A Pricing Focus Really Help Businesses Weather A Crisis?

Taylor Wells specialises in recruitment, assessment, onboarding and training for pricing roles in Australia and international.

We recruit pricing analysts, pricing managers – and senior pricing leaders for ASX listed and Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller businesses.

Our real world experience is clear that a pricing focus really can help businesses. If a business has a clear pricing focus with skilled pricing professionals – evidence shows those businesses tend on average to be statistically more profitable and sustainable.

Whilst pricing focus helps – it is not a silver bullet – and can not solve all business problems. However, having a sensible pricing approach will ensure your business is as well set up as possible for future crisis.