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Find Out How To Drive B2B Pricing Strategy To Capture An Additional 2 to 10 per cent Margin Within 3 to 6 Months

Firms Facing Financial Difficulties Can Use Strategic Price Increases To Safeguard Their Revenues

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The Majority Of Price Increases Implemented By B2B Industrial Businesses Is Unprofitable

  • Many price  increases are  too  small to meet margin targets
  • Price increases are often  applied  to  the  wrong products and at the wrong time
  • Some managers do not prioritise working with pricing teams
  • Lack of formal processes to review price increase decisions
  • Underinvestment in the company's internal commercial capabilities

Capture An Additional 2 to 10 per cent Margin Within 3 to 6 Months

The most common mistake firms make when raising prices is miscalculating the amount of the increase. Price increases are typically too small and infrequent to counteract inflation or recoup the cost. When a price increase fails to capture the intended margin, profitability suffers instantly.

Our research suggests that there are variable price increase bandwidths to offset inflation which depends on various factors. These include the value of product categories, particular SKUs, and the business's price maturity. What is the best price increase approach for your company? And to what products and services can you effectively apply it?

We know from our extensive pricing experience that bad price rise management implies a lack of investment in a company's internal commercial capabilities. This guide was developed to assist you in recognising the relevance of strategic price increases and successfully implementing them across your products and services. Read on to discover how to maximise profitability while avoiding customer loss.

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How Does Taylor Wells Assist In Managing And Executing Price Increases?

We believe that in order to drive and capture the value of a price increase, leaders and teams must first gain more knowledge and master new skills and techniques.

Our research shows that an optimised commercial system of diagnostics, learning and development, coaching, workflows, customised plans, roadmaps, and tracking is three times more effective than either consultancy-led models or training at driving commercial strategy and capturing the value of price rise improvements. 

Is Margin Expansion Too Complex For My Business?

We strongly believe that every business can make simple price improvements – we have not found a business with perfect pricing yet!

Starting simple is always the best way. Look for price tests that are simple and easy to accomplish using existing resources. Much of what businesses learn from huge experiments comes from smaller tests that include smaller variables, thus, saving resources for the subsequent follow-up tests.