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Find Out How FMCG Can Generate Profitable Growth Faster

The Latest RGM & Pricing Capabilities in FMCG Revenue Management To Drive Total Profitable Growth

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Traditional RGM Capabilities Are Struggling To Keep Up

  • Consumer behaviours and customer value drivers are rapidly changing, making it more difficult to monitor and gain insights
  • As data and analytics advance, digital transformation becomes increasingly important
  • Investors, private equity, and the board are putting pressure on the companies to produce faster and better results


Discover How FMCG Firms Can Generate Profitable Growth Faster

The no 1 mistake a FMCG company can make right now is to isolate pricing decisions from customer value and product innovation.  The industry is changing and significant changes in both end consumer behaviour are calling for new and more strategic RGM capabilities.

This guide will assist you in developing pricing and product innovation decisions based on current and multiple data and information sources. As well as SKU-level analytics, and optimised commercial models for multiple end consumer groups.

Learn the latest RGM and pricing capabilities and practices in FMCG right now and how to approach the shifts in consumer behaviour to capture more $ value for your business.

Find Out How Hiring The Best Talent Can Boost Function Performance By 15%

Is Margin Expansion Too Complex For My Business?

We strongly believe that every business can make simple price improvements – we have not found a business with perfect pricing yet!

Starting simple is always the best way. Look for price tests that are simple and easy to accomplish using existing resources. Much of what businesses learn from huge experiments comes from smaller tests that include smaller variables, thus, saving resources for the subsequent follow-up tests.

Can Pricing Transformations And Margin Expansion Be Data Driven?

At Taylor Wells Advisory, we strongly believe in data-driven pricing decisions. What’s more, we have seen how bringing just a little bit more science to price setting, can have an immediate and positive impact on the bottom line (as well on team morale). After all, every good team wants to improve and learn.

So, in this guide, we will show you that good pricing doesn’t have to be difficult. Most companies will capture more value from just using simple price trials and experiments. They really don’t have to do anything fancy at all to make more revenue and margin.