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Business Development Manager Lessons: Bad Hires Impact Good Teams

Business development manager lessons: Bad hires impact good teams   Making bad hiring choices negatively impact teamwork, culture and profitability. Bad hires prevent healthy teamwork and create headaches for team members and business development manager alike. They add additional stress for…

Cognitive Bias: Mitigate Impacts Of Unconscious Hiring And Recruitment

Cognitive bias: Define and mitigate the seed of unconscious hiring   Unconscious, cognitive bias in hiring refers to accidental, unintentional, very subtle and completely unconscious cognitive patterns. They are perspectives, reflections and filtering mechanisms and essential tools saving you from…

Pricing approaches: 7 things to avoid when setting up a new pricing function

7 things to avoid when setting up a new pricing function explains why many B2B organisations are struggling to transition the business from a cost plus to value based culture. Getting the right people with the right skills and mindset on board will be the number one determinant of how effectively you can transform your pricing and selling capability.