Price analysis: Clean and usable data as a value in itself

Written by Joanna Wells, Author of TeamBuilder360 & Director of Taylor Wells – Experts At Building Perfect Pricing Teams

Often price analysis experts and pricing professionals complain about the quality of the data they need to spend significant time cleansing and reordering before useful price analysis can be performed. In nearly every case we have seen, the data coming out of the corporate systems (see blog on pricing software tools) is incomplete, inconsistent, untidy, non uniform etc and requires a methodic approach to enable it for purposeful study.

This “data cleanse” is often seen as a necessary evil i.e. something that must be done to get to where we would have liked to be in the first place. Limited value is placed on it other than as a means to an end.

We have numerous examples however, where effectively cleansing data enables more than price analysis but also creates a “viable client value” in its own right. This is particularly pertinent to B2B business where products or services are purchased by a professional procurement specialist.

Price analysis benefits – “Do not focus on the price of light bulbs”

Pricing teams will often argue a customer should not focus on the price of unit rates i.e. the individual light bulb, but the cost to light the room over the year i.e. the total cost of ownership for lighting. In itself this is a completely sensible approach.

We have seen many instances where this approach falls flat because the pricing manager is unable to tell the customer how much they will actually spend over the year i.e. they can not demonstrate that the total cost of ownership approach is more cost effective.

The most common reason for the failure to do this is, you guessed it, unclean or non uniform data.

By cleansing data for pricing analytics we can also much more accurately calculate and demonstrate the financial and other aspects of long term contracts.

We have seen companies gain assurance over the likely total spend relating to a customer and use this in their sales and marketing.

As pricing / cost volatility can be one of the bigger risks when buying a service, a sales pitch that guarantees a cap on that possible price is very appealing.

This practise is commonly used in mobile phone plans – whereby consumers pay more than they need so as to cap their spend i.e. unlimited minutes etc.


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Clean and usable data as a value in itself is written by Joanna Wells, Author of TeamBuilder360 & Director of Taylor Wells – Experts At Building Perfect Pricing Teams

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