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In the past 3 months, we’ve witnessed the most rapid organisational transformation in the history of the modern firm. Most notably, businesses and customers globally have shifted to digital in a big way as a result of COVID restrictions and lock down. Now, people don't want to go back to how things were before. The nature of work has changed; and what customers value has changed dramatically. Yet, in spite of this immense change, no one really has a clear view of 'what happens next.' Together, change and disruption is testing the acumen of leadership and the agility of organisations and their customers in ways never before seen.  The opportunity and challenge for leaders now is to lock in new ways of thinking and working to create a fundamentally new price architecture that capitalises on new operations and generates real value for both customers and end consumers.   


Our point of view

As margin pressure increases, and digitisation turns everything we know and believe about business on its head, organisations have had to become more agile, decisive, innovative, collaborative and connected to their customer base to reclaim control. How do you keep the best of what you’ve become to thrive in new and more complex markets?

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How can we redesign our organisation so that it is better prepared to handle a price improvement initiative?


Every organisation is different but, your organisation can get much better at pricing strategy development and execution from day 1 by creating more flexible structures and models to run side hierarchical structures that can't be changed quickly.


How can we help you

Pricing capabilities are the critical things your organisation needs to be good at in order to drive profitability for your business. They are an enabler of your business strategy and they can even help define it. They are delivered through a collection of pricing processes, systems, tools, skills, knowledge, behaviours, governance and structures that, together, allow a company to deliver a defined outcome.

Drawing on our extensive library of pricing and commercial capabilities, we work with you to define the most relevant pricing capabilities that will deliver your business priorities. We undertake an assessment of the maturity of each pricing capability to identify the gap between where you now and where you need to be and then we develop a plan to close it.

The market currently is presenting organisations with two, potentially conflicting challenges:

  • How do we stay in business now? This is all about matching the current workforce to the available work, making rapid workforce choices about redeployment of staff, laying people off or finding new products and services to deliver.
  • Can we sustain our business as we emerge from the crisis? This means holding onto the capabilities that will be critical to enable the organisation to accelerate through the turn.

Our dynamic workforce planning and modeling helps you to do both. We work with you to quickly build a baseline of your current workforce and current demand. 


One of the most important characteristics of this crisis is the unknown. Whether your major stakeholders are consumers, patients or customers – their future patterns are much less clear than they have been in the past. But, while you can’t predict future stakeholder behaviour, you can build an organisation that is quick to make decisions and to execute, and that is collaborative and agile in its approach – to respond to changing needs and demands.

We will work with you to re-design your organisation to do just that. Some of the ways in which we typically support organisations to create more agile structures are:

  • Optimising and minimising the number of levels in hierarchy.
  • Grouping different function with similar and highly interdependent capabilities together
  • Dividing work into project and process work so that both can be done more efficiently and in a more agile way
  • Creating bigger and more versatile teams, built around end to end accountability.
  • Building smart teams that are diverse and inclusive so that you can get many brains on one problem
  • Defining and engaging the ecosystems around your organisation to improve collaboration inside and outside of the business.

Organisations that already have a strong and enduring vision for pricing and purpose have rallied behind it. For those organisations that haven’t, the crisis has been especially difficult. The need to survive this crisis is not a strong enough vision to ensure people combine efforts and rally together. It will work for now, but it leaves a huge risk once the crisis goes away.

We work with teams to help them define a meaningful, customer-centred purpose and align their leaders and workforce behind it.

In many ways, the crisis has encouraged many positive behaviours in us all. From faster decision making, cross organisation collaboration, greater agility and empathetic leadership. Organisations are finding themselves halfway towards a culture change that could help them to accelerate price improvement programmes and re-set prices in the best way possible.

Momentum in pricing projects, like culture change projects is one of the hardest things to build. An important role of the pricing team and commercial department therefore is to maintain this momentum, amplify existing positive change and then embed better pricing practices across the organisation.

We’ll work with you to define the most critical pricing competencies, practices and skills that you need to learn or maintain in order to achieve your business goals. We’ll help you develop the right pricing team structure to capture immediate and ongoing profit. We’ll show you how to utilise people, structures and systems to execute strategy and achieve the ROI from pricing that you want.  And finally we’ll work with your HR team to embed these behaviours into your talent processes from hiring to performance management and rewards.

Organisations now find themselves adapting to new pricing methods and approaches as well as new ways of working. We work with you to manage these changes and embed the pricing capabilities you need to achieve the results you want faster. We help you identify and build pricing leaders to support rapid adoption of latest pricing strategy so that you can build a high performing pricing organisation. We help you plan and adapt to new circumstances and communicate the key messages of your pricing plan to the right audiences at the right time, while enabling people to embrace new approaches to pricing with their new pricing skills and behaviours. Our approach is to ensure that you have a pricing plan for the immediate weeks while thinking simultaneously about a long-term future. 



Pricing Insights at your fingertips

In our hands it’s more than just data. We use it to build the DNA of outstanding pricing leaders, effective organisations, high performance cultures and game-changing reward and teambuilding programmes. In your hands it can continue to inform smarter pricing and people decisions backed by more than 1 million data points, including:
– Over 7,000 thousand assessment results
– Hundreds of employee engagement survey responses
– Rewards data for thousands of employees across hundreds of organisations and UK, EU, USA, CH, SA, AF, ANZ.

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