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Hire the Best Pricing Talent For Your Team In Less Than 30 Days

Don’t waste your time searching for the best pricing managers or analysts in all the wrong places when you can tap into our strong pool of the country’s top pricing talent. Our no-risk pricing executive search will guarantee you get you the best pricing talent for even your most difficult to fill, specialist or niche roles.


A New Way To Find Talent

for pricing and commercial teams

Outdated recruitment methods like CVs and basic interviews simply don’t get you the results you need. It’s easy to lie on a CV and interview performance isn’t a reliable method to determine someone’s potential or how they will perform in the job or in a team.

We use a combination of world-leading technology, online testing and performance evaluations to find the perfect fit. Our data-driven recruitment method reliably finds the top talent for the best companies in the country.

Taylor Wells Recruitment
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Pick From 500+ Qualified
Pricing Professionals


You can avoid the long and costly process of finding suitable applicants because we’ve already identified the best Australian talent in the pricing industry. There’s a pool of over 500 verified experts for you to choose from – and a further 3,000 in a secondary group if you don’t immediately get the results you’re looking for.

Choosing from these pre-qualified candidates makes the recruitment process much faster. It also minimises any chance of a bad hire and gives you more profitable outcomes more often. All these candidates have been rigorously tested, benchmarked and categorised so they’re ready to go.

Onboard your new hires properly

get immediate value from day 1

It is difficult for new hires to slot into your team and hit the ground running immediately  – without understanding your business and culture first.

In the time it takes to recruit a new hire, we prepare your candidates for the types of pricing scenarios they’ll encounter by putting them through tests and workshops.

Then we give them regular performance feedback, answer their questions and help solve their problems. By day 1, they’ll have the information and skills to succeed.

3 Steps To Find Your High-Performing Candidate

Give yourself the best chance of finding the right person



Source Potential Hires From Our Pool Of 500+ Candidates When you decide you want to increase the performance of your team by adding in new pricing and commercial talent, we’ll commence recruitment for you. We’ll scour our talent pool and find matches fitting your requirements.



Applicants Are Screened Using An Online Testing Platform
After we’ve selected an initial list of suitable candidates we’ll begin our rigorous screening and testing process to eliminate unsuitable people. This is where we find out if what they say they can do and what they are able to do are the same. This means there’s less chance of wasting time on people who won’t be a good fit



Candidates Are Invited To An In-depth Career Discussion Once we’ve ruled out the majority of unsuitable candidates, we’ll have an in-depth discussion with them about their career plan and objectives. We dig in deep to find out if they’ll be the right fit for your company. We’ll learn their unique stories and understand their motivations for the role. We’ll shortlist only the best candidates so that you know you’re meeting the very best pricing talent for your business

We’ve Helped These Industry Giants …

What Most Recruitment Agencies Won’t Tell You…

Finding Top Pricing Talent that can actually do what they say they can do (i.e., make you more revenue at higher margins) is really hard work if you don’t have the know-how or experience.

If you have launched an executive search campaign yourself, to dip your toe in the water and give LinkedIn or SEEK a go, it’s likely you’ll get lots of candidates applying, but many will be unsuitable.

You’ll find yourself going down a costly, long, drawn out process – and you’ll simply be wasting your time and burning through your budget quicker than a crop fire!

Or, if you have a recruitment agency running it for you – it’s likely they’ll simply bombard you with lots of unqualified CVs which have probably been re-worked a number of times.

Recruiters have no real interest in the person’s actual pricing capability, or if they’ll be the right personality to fit your team, or even if they match with your company culture.

They just want them to perform well in the interview, so they can get their monthly commission on time.

Where we’re different is we focus on quality and ROI. Our strategy is to create for you a customised recruiting process to attract high calibre candidates while removing the bad ones quickly.

Using data-driven testing and a sticky recruiting process to ensure all our candidates have the capability to do the job and the unique traits to generate you as many profitable sales and EBIT growth as possible.

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5 Ways Your Teams Can Make At Least 5%-10% More EBIT In 90 Days

We have helped leading businesses in Australia hire and onboard top pricing talent with the 5 unbelievably powerful pricing and talent strategies outlined in this report. Download it now before this page comes down or your competitors get their hands on it.


Our Perfect Candidate Guarantee

Taylor Wells work on an exclusive basis  with all our clients so we are aligned with finding the best person for the role and team.

We operate an agile process with pre-qualified candidates. Our key differentiator is our pre-qualifed network of candidates, assessment, performance evaluation and talent strategies for pricing and commercial teams.


We will send you pre-qualified candidates within 7 days of process kick off + a performance scorecard explaining individual pricing capability.

Our no-risk offer will get you the absolute best pricing talent for your business or your money back.

Claim Your Free, 30-Minute Pricing Team "Health Check" + Action Plan
(Valued at $1499)

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During this free 30 minutes, no-obligation consultation, we’ll analyse your pricing team’s current performance and team culture in order to identify opportunities to help you drive growth. We’ll also evaluate and benchmark them against your competitors in order to provide you with a more holistic view and an action plan on how you can improve your team’s efficiency.

Here’s what we’ll reveal:

  • The growth blueprint you need to find hidden profits concealed within your current pricing structure that you didn't even know you had
  • 3 of the biggest pricing profitability opportunities you're letting slide right past you
  • Insights into your business data and how you can analyse these properly to make educated decisions for growth
  • The concealed business growth potential your pricing model is trying to tell you
  • 2 of the biggest pricing blunders that most businesses make which result in them sacrificing thousands of dollars of profit every month and how to avoid them

Due to the in-depth analysis we do for these sessions, we can only offer 15 of them to prospective clients every month amongst our existing client work.

Fill in your details below now and one of our professional team members will be in touch to organise your session.