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The pace of work is changing in pricing departments. Many teams are adapting to new methods and approaches to driving growth using price and revenue management. Through the Taylor Wells Digital platform, you can gain our data, insights, analytics and digital solutions – enabling you to drive pricing performance and productivity in a scalable way through your people, using one enterprise-wide capability framework for pricing and commercial talent.


Taylor Wells Digital

Our digital solutions cover the whole pricing transformation journey. So whether you need to design organisation team structure, define pricing strategy, update new salary and reward programs, make smarter decisions about whether to hire or develop talent from within your organisation, get the right people on board, or even hear feedback on how engaged your employees really are, right across your pricing, marketing, sales, finance teams and customer services teams – Taylor Wells provides the answers.


Pricing Insights at your fingertips

In our hands it’s more than just data. We use it to build the DNA of outstanding pricing leaders, effective organisations, high performance cultures and game-changing reward and teambuilding programmes. In your hands it can continue to inform smarter pricing and people decisions backed by more than 1 million data points, including:
– Over 7,000 thousand assessment results
– Hundreds of employee engagement survey responses
– Rewards data for thousands of employees across hundreds of organisations and UK, EU, USA, CH, SA, AF, ANZ.

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Q & A

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What are success profiles and how do they help us build better pricing and commercial teams?


Success Profiles combine everything we know about individual, team and organisational success in pricing. They help you to define what “good pricing” looks like. Leveraging decades of job analysis and research, they describe the pricing work that needs to be done in any given role, and the pricing skills, experiences, competencies and traits successful pricing executives are likely to possess. They also provide additional market insights including pay data.


How Taylor Wells Digital can help you

Organisations that discover how to maximise the value of their people and grow their talent pipelines are in the best position to accelerate business growth by improving both the employee experience and the customer experience. Taylor Wells Digital uses decades of world-leading IP to drive performance, from talent acquisition to retention and engagement.

Taylor Wells Digital is a scalable digital platform that helps organisations grow their people and pricing power: organisations use this talent strategy platform throughout all phases of the employee life cycle, from building talent pipelines to finding future leaders, and for optimising their organisational transformation initiatives.

Recruiters spend nearly one-third of their working hours sourcing candidates for roles. Taylor Wells recruit is designed to help organisations streamline their HR processes with a comprehensive, data-driven talent sourcing strategy. Here’s how it works:

  • Organisations get market insights into essential candidate data, including supply and demand, salary, and time to fill positions.
  • Organisations start visualising what ideal candidates look like with the use of Taylor Wells’ Success Profiles, which compile decades of human resources data.
  • Taylor Wells recruit gives organisations access to a carefully curated talent network of the best pricing, marketing, commercial analytics professionals and profiles, helping them find active and passive candidates who are best suited for their job.
  • Organisations can assess candidates based on their Success Profiles, then generate interview guides customised to each candidate’s assessment results.
  • Recruiters learn the candidate attributes that lead to success.

Organisations can use Taylor Wells digital talent strategy platform to save money and accelerate the ROI on pricing transformations. Taylor Wells recruit improves hiring outcomes and decreases the total cost of employment so recruiters can spend their time on higher-value work and helping organisations find the best candidates quickly. In fact, Taylor Wells Recruit is a talent strategy platform that delivers three times more qualified candidates in a fraction of the time of traditional recruitment practices.

Organisations rely on a portfolio of Taylor Wells Assess talent management assessment tools to develop their talent pipeline. Taylor Wells Assess consists of Multi Assessment Framework for Pricing and Revenue Management across three levels: Potential, Professional, and Leadership.

Taylor Wells assess potential using data-driven assessments. These assessments are designed to identify high performers with potential leadership talent in pricing, marketing and commercial roles.  We evaluates potential based on an individual’s capacity for pricing now, their growth potential over time, personality traits, drivers, and experiences. 

Taylor Wells assesses professional price management roles using data and experience of the industry. We help organisations allocate development resources where they are most needed across the pricing department, driving employee performance and improving employee satisfaction. The scalable assessments in our Professional digital human resources solution compare individuals to our library of success profiles and test takers. With their assessment results, individuals are given the tools to progress in their roles and careers: they learn where their learning gaps are and receive the resources needed to fill them. Meanwhile, executives learn how to structure more meaningful development plans for their pricing and commercial teams, and organisations strengthen performance across their entire workforce.

Our Leadership solution assesses how ready individuals are to assume immediate roles as mid-level and higher leaders. Using our success profiles, our assessments determine how well prepared candidates are to progress in their pricing career; they deliver data-driven reports detailing how well candidates match those in your organisation’s key leadership roles and uncover any opportunities for continuing learning and development. 


Taylor Wells is a salary benchmarking solution that puts powerful compensation data for pricing, sales, marketing and analytics teams at your fingertips. Our pay solution is equipped with tools and analytics that help organisations set compensation for job families and individuals in specialised and changing disciplines and functions. This includes helping our clients to: establish pay structures and policies, and choose the most affordable yet attractive pay incentives to offer to high calibre candidates for important pricing roles. 


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